Navy Expedition


India is sending a Sail Training Ship "INS Sudarshini" on a commemorative ship expedition to ASEAN countries along the route of the monsoon trade winds. The ship expedition would retrace the sea routes developed during the 10th to 12th centuries, linking India with South East Asia, covering most of the modern and ancient ports in ASEAN countries.


Commander N Shyam Sundar, an alumnus of Naval Academy, Goa. The officer was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 01 Jan 1995 and specialised in Gunnery and Missile Warfare in the year 2002. He assumed the command of Indian Navy's second Tall Ship Sudarshini on 18 Jun 2012.


INS Sudarshini a three masted barque (sail ship) and the second sail training ship of the Indian Navy was commissioned by Vice Admiral KN Sushil, Flag Officer Commanding in Chief Southern Naval Command (SNC) at Naval Base, Kochi on 27 Jan 12.

The ship is a follow-on class of INS Tarangini which joined SNC in 1997. The ship commanded by Commander N Shyam Sundar is built by Goa Shipyard Limited and is designed by the British Naval Architect Mr Colin Mudie. INS Sudarshini with an overall length of 54 m, has 20 sails, 7.5 kms of rope and 1.5 kms of steel wire rope. She can sail for up to 20 days with its complement of 05 officers, 31 sailors with 30 cadets embarked for training.

04 Feb 2013

Do you have it in u..? Was the simple question asked and no person worth his salt would have dared step back for this tall ship expedition. I too was taken up in fervor and enrolled my name for the
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